“Hygge” is a Danish thing! I usually explain it as being a combination of comfort, coziness, bliss and being thankful for spending time with loved ones, which gives you a unique feeling of wellbeing.
The google dictionary says “Hygge” is a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

Now the weather is getting warmer, it’s time for more “hygge” outdoors. Grilling, eating outside, bonfire etc.
“Hygge” is also when we have friends or family visiting, or visiting them, and have some great food and conversation.
“Hygge” can be to bundle up on the couch with a good book or watching a movie, having the fireplace going, or just do something you really enjoy with someone you like spending time with!

Here is a few benefits of “hygge”

“Hygge” Calms your mind

We are always in a hurry and keep on going, even after our body tells us to slow down. It’s kinda like the Energizer Bunny!! We do not stop until we either crass or run out of energy. That’s actually extremely bad for our health! Sometimes we just need to pause, get unplugged and do nothing, so our brain and body gets a break. “Hygge” very much help us do just that 🙂

“Hygge” Be off line

The least “hygge”ish thing in the world is to sit around mindlessly scrolling on your smartphone.
I’m not saying we cand do some mindless scrolling on the smartphone now and then. The thing is, we do it a lot, and sometimes even without thinking about it! But while this is a sedentary activity, it is not a restful one.
“Hygge” demands that our rest time be actually restful. Doing most of my business online, sometimes I just leave my iPhone in the kitchen, and do some off line activity. It’s not that we can’t be entertained, it’s more that “hygge” is about being intentional and present. With my phone in the other room, I’m able to breathe slower and commit myself to the moment. And yes, my thumb gets a break.

“Hygge” Is relaxing

One of my favorite “hygge” things to do is a relaxing time in my Infra Red sauna, and hot bath with two cups of Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil. It gives me that super relaxed and recharged feeling.
I also love a stay at home night. Light some candles, turn on the fireplace, make a nice meal, and cozy up under a big warm blanket.
It’s bliss!

“Hygge” Enables mindful eating

To me, cooking our own food is also “hygge”. Nothing like colorful fresh vegetables cooked to your liking, and enjoyed with fresh grilled salmon, a good quality poultry or meat. My personal summer favorites, are a big bowl of super colorful salad, with either fish or chicken.
Sitting at nice laid table, maybe with candle lights and flowers, enjoying the home made meal, having great conversation with my loved ones and amazing friends is very much “hygge” and very relaxing.
“Hygge” is also sometimes about reaching for that piece of homemade cake, or supre delicious ice cream, and enjoying every last bite!

Why not follow the Danish example and bring more “hygge” into your daily life?