how is a human cell build

Ok, back to school, it’s BIOLOGY time! To understand why we need to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy and functional body, we need to understand what the human body is build off. We have more than 37 trillion cells in our body.
Each cell is like a little engine. Like all other engines they need fuel – especially when it has to run 24/7 for 80+ years!
Lets compare with your car – do you put soft drinks on a car that runs on gas? Guess you won’t get very far. What about the oil? don’t you use a good motor oil on your car? and get it to service when t’s time?

how is a human cell buildBeing the amazing engine our body is, it will try to adjust to whatever is thrown at it. However, eventually it will start to break down and show signs of weakness such as sore joints, allergies, headaches, eczema, and if we still don’t pay attention and correct the fuel, these weakness’ will develop into deceases like chrons syndrom, cardio vascular deceases, arthritis , ms, even cancer….
Cell membrane needs a lot of the good fat –
Lysosomes needs Beta Carotene, vitamin C and E –
Mitochondrion needs Q10, Vitamin E – the
Nucleolus needs Vitamin E and Beta Carotene –
Cytoplasm needs vitamin C, Selenium, copper, zinc and manganese just to mention a few.

So as you can imaging, our more than 37 trilloin of small engines, each have a very important job to do as long as we are alive, and by feeding them with whole food nutrition such as organic fruits, vegetables, berries, free range grass feed meet etc., and add some high quality supplements, we provide the right fuel and environment for our cells.
The 5 color on your plate tip, is an easy one to apply, and by doing that you’ll get many different nutrients, from different food sources. By the way, by 5 colors I mean bright colors, not the boring brown ones>