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Birgitte Christensen

I’m Birgitte, born and raised in Denmark.
Moved to Racine, Wisconsin, with my husband in the spring of 2013.

As a holistic lifestyle practitioner, I work with the whole person “body, mind, spirit, and emotions” to gain
balance in life and optimal health.

I’ve been helping people change their lifestyle in Denmark since 2006 when I graduated in Reflexology & Nutrition.

In Spring of 2011, I opened a health care shop in our hometown, providing organic whole food, skin care and supplements,
along with offering the lifestyle change program already started.
That continued until we left for the US in spring 2013.
I have been blessed to work with, and learn from some of the best holistic practitioners in Denmark.

  • Graduated in Reflexology & Nutrition 2006 from ZoneConnection, Denmark
  • Certified Crania Sacral Therapist 2005 from Trine Rosenberg Institute, Denmark
  • Certified massage therapist 2006 from Optimal Therapy, Denmark
  • Certified 1st degree Reiki Healer 2005 from The Reiki Alliance, America

Our lives are filled with things to do, Family, friends and jobs that need our attention.
Too often you forget YOU!

DYI Reflexology with UltraCell Topical

By Birgitte Christensen | March 27, 2020

Reflexology has been known and used for thousands of years all over the world. In fact, no one really knows if it all began in China, Japan, Egypt, South America, or America. We do know that Reflexology is a very powerful tool to help your body help get itself back into balance. As you can…

healthy holiday special

Happy Holiday from me to you

By Birgitte Christensen | December 13, 2019

I’m so excited about this new UltraSystem. The feed back I’m getting makes me so happy and Grateful. Why wait until after Christmas with the new health goals and intentions?Give yourself this amazing Christmas gift today, and benefit from it during Christmas 🙂 30 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge This is a 30 day challenge, where…


Do you use the but’s, can’ts and don’ts

By Birgitte Christensen | December 7, 2019

I don’t have time; I just can’t see my family live like that; Oh, my kids definitely don’t like that; You don’t know what it’s like; When I get home everyone is having melt downs; I really don’t know how…. Do you recognize one or more of these excuses?? I think most people do. Instead…


I love trying new recipes to find good tasting dishes that are good for me and my loved ones.

Crisp Apple Slice Tuna Appetizers

By Birgitte Christensen | December 22, 2019

The first time I saw these sliced Apple Appetizers was at Clean Food Crush. I bet you can make them in many different ways, but the tuna and apple combination just spoke to me.It is very easy to make, and looks fantastic.Last night we had a Christmas party in our Zilis Team, and I decided…

Red Cabbage, Kale and Clementines

By Birgitte Christensen | December 20, 2019

Another great winter salad, is the extremely colorful Red Cabbage with Kale, Clementines and Walnuts.I usually get 4-5 different salads out of one head. Sometimes the whole base is Red Cabbage, and sometimes I just use a little.The deep purple color of Red Cabbage is so inviting to eat, especially on these more grey and…

Super Creamy Green Pea Soup

By Birgitte Christensen | December 13, 2019

Winter and soups is definitely a thing! In this house we just love a good creamy soup. And you can make it of just about any vegetable you can think of.Today I craved green peas; I love the sweetness and the vibrant color. On top of that it is a very nutrient little thing! They…