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Birgitte Christensen

I’m Birgitte, born and raised in Denmark.
Moved to Racine, Wisconsin, with my husband in the spring of 2013.

As a holistic lifestyle practitioner, I work with the whole person “body, mind, spirit, and emotions” to gain
balance in life and optimal health.

I’ve been helping people change their lifestyle in Denmark since 2006 when I graduated in Reflexology & Nutrition.

In Spring of 2011, I opened a health care shop in our hometown, providing organic whole food, skin care and supplements,
along with offering the lifestyle change program already started.
That continued until we left for the US in spring 2013.
I have been blessed to work with, and learn from some of the best holistic practitioners in Denmark.

  • Graduated in Reflexology & Nutrition 2006 from ZoneConnection, Denmark
  • Certified Crania Sacral Therapist 2005 from Trine Rosenberg Institute, Denmark
  • Certified massage therapist 2006 from Optimal Therapy, Denmark
  • Certified 1st degree Reiki Healer 2005 from The Reiki Alliance, America

Our lives are filled with things to do, Family, friends and jobs that need our attention.
Too often you forget YOU!

Hemp CBD Wellness and Your Body Chart

Endocannabinoid system

By Birgitte Christensen | January 16, 2019

Due to my training in Eastern medicine, I love working with botanicals that gives us optimal health benefits. Plants like Echinacea, Rossian root, Schisandra and Astragalus are just a few of the plants we call adaptogens. Adaptogen means that the plant can either raise or lower whatever is going on i your body, or in…


Happy Thanksgiving

By Birgitte Christensen | November 22, 2018

Why this history lesson?
Because this is a time of gratitude and thankfulness – Every day we are so busy

how is a human cell build

Five colors on your plate

By Birgitte Christensen | August 12, 2018

Ok, back to school, it’s BIOLOGY time! To understand why we need to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy and functional body, we need to understand what the human body is build off. We have more than 37 trillion cells in our body. Each cell is like a little engine. Like all other…


I love trying new recipes to find good tasting dishes that are good for me and my loved ones.

Beet ‘n kale stir fry

By Birgitte Christensen | January 17, 2019

During the winter season wa always eat a lot of root fruits and other winter crops. Beets are one of my favorites, and we have them many times a week! Not only are beets packed with vitamins and minerals, they are also known for supporting your heart health. Beets are also very good for athletes,…

Sweet Potato Soup W/ Brussel Sprouts

By Birgitte Christensen | January 15, 2019

During the winter season, we always enjoy different soups, and they can either be super fast or cook all day!

Breakfast muffins with Kale and Ground Beef

By Birgitte Christensen | December 14, 2018

Did you know that organic free range eggs are actually a superfoods? They contain a little bit of almost all the vitamins and minerals you need. They are a great source of protein as well. You might have heard that eggs are bad for your cholesterol! Well, that is not true. Because we produce cholesterol…